Labour market training and employment service

Take advantage of this training concept, which is aimed at assisting you in the recruiting of new staff members. 

The programs, which last for approximately six months, will provide participants with high-quality complementary training, in addition to which the participants will work for your company over a period of six months. A trainee's job description will always be customized to meet the needs of your company. Such a description may be related to any function of the company, including sales and marketing, project management, internationalization, work at the customer interface or the provision of expertise in other tasks. 

Hundreds of people apply for entry to workforce training arranged by Aalto PRO, with successful applicants passing a three-stage selection process. Admission criteria include educational background, work experience, possession of special skills, demonstration of a proactive attitude, high levels of motivation, and social skills. Each applicant will undergo an interview, in which his or her work skills are also mapped. As the applicants' backgrounds range from new graduates to holders of a PhD degree, we will be able to offer employees for a variety of jobs, from assistants to highly demanding expert and management tasks. 

How can an enterprise benefit from this?

We have taken special care to make the process of finding suitable experts via Aalto PRO programs as easy as possible. A company only needs to define its needs and then submit it in a brief, informal form, and Aalto PRO will find a suitable candidate for the company from among the applicants to join the training program. Finding a candidate will cost nothing to the company, and the company does not commit itself to anything at this stage. At every stage, Aalto PRO will be in charge of all practical matters related to training and corporate collaboration, allowing the company to focus on its core tasks.

How much does it cost?

Aalto PRO training programs, aimed at the provision of recruiting opportunities for companies, are subsidized by the government, and are, therefore, cost-efficient for companies. The total cost for a company is €7,800 + VAT. The participation fee also includes accidental injury and liability insurance for the trainee that will work at the target company 

What will your company commit itself to?

When a suitable candidate is found for a company, the trainee and Aalto PRO will sign a straightforward training contract, covering the duration of the program. This contract is not an employment contract. The training contract can be terminated, if necessary. 

The company will not pay salary to the trainee during the training program. Neither is the company obliged to hire the trainee during or after the training program, although Aalto PRO naturally would like to see the training program end in the signing of an employment contract.

Provision of continuous support to companies

The company will have Aalto PRO's experts at its disposal for the duration of the training program. These experts will take charge of all of the practical arrangements of the program, ensuring that collaboration between all parties runs smoothly. All collaboration is based on the company's needs.

Experience, reliability and excellent results 

Aalto PRO already has over 20 years of experience of training programs which seek to find employment for program participants. Our being part of Aalto University constitutes a guarantee of the quality and reliability of our work. Through our training we have been able to provide jobs for thousands of trainees at thousands of companies. The satisfaction level of both course participants and corporate customers is high: in more than 70% of cases, collaborations results in the signing of an employment contract. Do not hesitate to contact us. By working together we will identify the ways in which we can help you.

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