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Nov 29, 2017 to Feb 16, 2018


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In future, procurement will not only be measured on cost savings delivered, but also on value created. Moreover, procurement will become the driver for business innovations that define the future of more strategic functions. Do you and your company have the competencies needed to respond to this scenario or even get ahead of the curve?

The Diploma in Global Sourcing program builds competencies that drive towards the best possible customer satisfaction by integrating procurement with other supply chain operations. Participants acquire tools to help them transform everything from sourcing strategies to processes to match the upgraded expectations.

Drive results towards long-term business advantage and discover how an innovative and sustainable supplier ecosystem can boost business performance. Join the program now.

Content and delivery of the program are designed and continuously improved with experts at Aalto University, and instructors are handpicked for their combination of academic and business merits. Diploma in Global Sourcing is one of Europe’s most extensive supply management training programs.

The program develops managers who

  • can lead procurement from an operative administrative service into a more strategic contributor,
  • can develop procurement’s role in value generation,
  • can achieve better profitability, enhance performance and build a new sourcing culture in their companies,
  • can drive results and are able to see the long-term business advantages throughout the network and supply chain.

Benefits for Participants

  • Develop sourcing strategies that generate value for all actors across the supply chain
  • Drive towards the best possible customer satisfaction by integrating sourcing with other supply chain operations
  • Utilize the global supply market effectively
  • Learn to reduce costs while maximizing supplier value and opportunity
  • Obtain fresh insights, applicable concepts and pragmatic tools that make your daily work more beneficial, effective, and easier
  • Get an overview of the entire supply chain and understand how to manage flows between the entities
  • Deepen your understanding of the theories behind decisions
  • Learn to exploit your refreshed know-how and build a network of supply professionals who can support you in catalyzing change at your workplace

For whom?

Diploma in Global Sourcing is designed for people with technical or business background and some related work experience. The program is especially valuable for those who are

  • responsible for developing operations and the supply chain,
  • sourcing, category or purchasing managers, and
  • professionals and managers working in R&D or innovation.

Diploma in Global Sourcing is a Developing Training Concept

The Diploma in Global Sourcing has been developed in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays part of the Aalto University). Today, the program is still redevoped in close collaboration with the Aalto University.

The Diploma in Global Sourcing (also known as the Diploma in Global Supply Management) was first developed as a customized concept to strengthen procurement and sourcing practices in a large Finnish corporation. More than 200 sourcing professionals have chosen to follow the open Diploma program since its introduction. Procurement and sourcing have evolved considerably since the program was first introduced in 2008, and the program has developed in response. This year, one of the modules will be held at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, providing an opportunity to deep dive into supply chain and operation practices in manufacturing companies.

Why procurement?

Procurement is the only function overseeing all lines of business and has the potential to do much more than just bargain the best price and reduce transactional costs. Procurement can bundle all the demand across a company and leverage the insights and relationships to drive strategic actions and improve the bottom line.

The Diploma in Global Sourcing program aims at identifying future challenges and filling gaps in competence between today’s and future needs. It is about creating processes and working methods that provide business sustainability rather than just short-term wins.

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