Diploma in Responsible Business and Environmental Management - Building a Competitive Edge on Responsibility

May 21, 2018 to Nov 23, 2018


General Info

Responsibility fosters innovation, enhances risk management, enables sustainable growth and helps to safeguard a business's long-term prospects.

The Diploma in Responsible Business and Environmental Management - Building a Competitive Edge on Responsibility provides participants with a broad understanding of business and the related corporate responsibility issues.

The program covers corporate economic, social and environmental responsibility, stakeholder relations and management, risk management and insurance, the legal environment of business, various forms of business models, and the measurement and reporting of responsibility. Participants are given a grounding in the essentials of responsible business concepts, models and practices.

The program will equip students to analyze the level of corporate responsibility and to develop responsible business models and management practices. It will also provide the skills required to measure and report on corporate responsibility.

Benefits for the participant

  • New insights and the analysis and deepening of your capabilities.
  • You will learn how to define responsible business indicators for your company and assess their results for decision-making purposes.
  • You will refine your expertise in corporate responsibility communications, marketing and stakeholder cooperation.
  • You will gain expertise in drawing up a responsibility agenda for your organization and going through the related sub-areas.
  • You will expand your network with other professionals.
  • Through exercises, you will learn how to reflect analytically on responsibility issues from the perspective of your company and how to exploit them in its development.

Benefits for the organization

  • Responsible business will become a strategic tool for improving your company's competitive edge.
  • New practices to improve productivity.
  • A reputation as a responsible employer, business partner and investment target.
  • Lessons from project work and assignments put into practice already during the program.

For whom

The program is suitable for people working in development, expert and leadership roles with responsibility for environmental and quality issues. It is also suitable for those working in HR and communications units who are engaged in developing corporate responsibility and promoting stakeholder collaboration.

This program is held in Finnish

You can find a detailed description of the program on our Finnish website.

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