Diploma in Safety and Security Management

Fall 2018


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Operating in a networked and global business environment requires a comprehensive approach to managing risks.

Organizations need to ensure the continuity of their core operations and anticipate critical business changes in their environment. Safety and security experts are required to understand and interpret the big picture. This program, Turvallisuusjohtamisen koulutusohjelma – TJK, provides you with the tools and approaches that are needed for strategic safety and security management. In addition, it strengthens your abilities in your role as an expert or manager working in the field of safety and security. The program is held in Finnish.


  • Individuals responsible for managing safety and security within their organization.
  • Safety and security experts with a strategic role in their companies.
  • Professionals working closely with the safety and security field.

By attending the program you will

  • strengthen your understanding of the key principles of safety and security management and improve your ability to implement them, 
  • expand and deepen your knowledge of safety and security management,
  • acquire the competence to apply the necessary processes and methods in your own organization,
  • recognize your abilities as a leader, and improve your ability and personal approach to develop in your management and leadership role, 
  • become part of a wide network of safety and security professionals.

This program is held in Finnish

You can find a more detailed description of the program on our Finnish website.
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