Sep 26, 2017 to May 22, 2018


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Protect your inventions. Don’t hand them to your competitors.

The aim of this training program is to familiarize participants with international patent systems as well as provide participants with a basic knowledge of intellectual property rights, in particular industrial property rights, and the patenting processes in Finland and some other countries. The training emphasizes the meaning of consistency in patent activities, as well as utilizing patents and patent information in enterprises. The program is held in Finnish.

By attending the program you will

  • Learn about or refresh your knowledge on the basics of IPR.
  • Understand the procedures for applying for a patent in Finland and abroad.
  • Learn about litigation processes in IPR matters in Finland.
  • Acquire a broad knowledge of how to utilize IPR.


The program is targeted for anyone who needs professional skills in industrial property rights in order to work in enterprises, patent agencies, universities, or others.

Former participants include

  • patent engineers in companies;
  • patent attorneys, or those training to become patent attorneys, in patent agencies;
  • examiners in the Finnish patent and registration office;
  • innovation managers and others in universities and ELY Centres;
  • people working in R&D; and
  • lawyers working with IPR.

The program is held in Finnish

You can find a more detailed description of the program on our Finnish website.

Program subject area and market needs

Successful enterprises emphasize the importance of investment on research and development of new products and production methods. It is possible to acquire protection for the new technology and products developed under legislation on industrial property rights. Utilizing inventions and safeguarding industrial property rights are important competitive tools for a company. With increasing activity in the patent sector, enterprises need professional staff who are familiar with both the Finnish patent system and international and national patent systems.

The extensive training program on ‘Patents – Industry – Technology’ focuses on industrial property rights and the patent sector and aims at improving the professional competence of those working in the patent field.

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