Podcast: Passion for Culture and Passion for Budgets

The culture industries are looking for leaders with both passion for the world of art and good business knowledge. In this podcast, Susanna Pettersson and Gita Kadambi discuss the question: In what way is the field changing and how will leaders cope with the change?

Gita Kadambi's photo by Heikki Tuuli and Susanna Pettersson's by Anna Danielsson

Paula Salovaara, 29.01.2019

Susanna Pettersson, Director General of the Nationalmuseum, Sweden, and Gita Kadambi, General Director of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, share their views on the industry and discuss the skills a leader needs to master.

“We need more capable leaders” says Pettersson. Gadambi talks about changes that she noticed when returning to the National Opera and Ballet after working in other cultural institutions: “Nowadays the Director knows the budget exactly.”  

Both Pettersson and Gadambi look at the culture industry with great enthusiasm. After listing the skills and qualities a leader needs, they also give a joyous promise for those looking for jobs in the field: “It is hard, but it is also great fun!”

More podcasts in Finnish can be found here. The English ones are shown below.

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