Customized Programs

Aalto PRO offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of experts and managers working in large Finnish and multinational corporations headquartered in the Nordics, and organizations in the public sector.

We have long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients and engage them in multi-phase and intensive solutions. The programs are supported by a dedicated team that acts as a learning partner, assists in challenging the client’s thinking, and helps their organization raise internal awareness of the benefits of the program. Together, Aalto EE, Aalto PRO, and Aalto ENT run close to 100 customized programs every year.

Creating Value for Our Clients through Solutions with Real Impact and Applicability 

We help our customers to make their operations more efficient with new expertise and competitive operating methods. Supported by Aalto PRO, our clients’ achievements include

  • building a forward-looking project culture and increasing project profitability,
  • enhancing the profitability and efficiency of operations,
  • planning and developing procurement strategies,
  • improving overall quality and customer satisfaction,
  • creating new innovations through design thinking,
  • enhancing the data utilization through data analytics, and
  • implementing Lean thinking to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Flexible Design and Delivery

Aalto PRO’s customized programs are usually based on our open-enrollment programs that have gained excellent feedback. The level of tailoring varies according to the client’s situation and needs. Our programs benefit from Aalto University’s multidisciplinary expertise, and a combination of bold experimentation and a sharing-based approach. Participatory learning methods with hands-on tools guarantee measurable learning results.

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