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Aalto PRO Digital Summit

The Future of Trust – Keeping It Secure in a Disruptive Change Environment

How do we keep ourselves, our companies and our society secure and trustworthy when everything seems to be digitalized? 

Aalto PRO Digital Summit focuses on the future of trust by digging into topics around technological revolution, security, humanity, and emotional intelligence.

In a time of digital transformation, the business community and society as a whole must deal with complex and rapid changes, instability and flow of technological inventions. We have begun to understand the importance of trust as one of the cornerstones of resilient and responsible business and society. Technological solutions are enabling new ways of acting and working with each other. For us to trust in technologies, they must be secure, functional and human.

Our time calls for digital leadership which is not only about functionality and utility of technological solutions for business purposes but also about change management and consideration of human and security aspects throughout the business environment and society. The successful leaders of tomorrow will approach trust within digitalization as an opportunity and prerequisite for growth and innovations.

When change is the new constant – how do you keep up? Join us for a day of thought-provoking keynotes and discussions with peer professionals!

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Gain deeper insight into the importance of digital identity and security, and how they may be implemented with quickly updated digitalized solutions in a successful business and society.

Network with peer professionals and get the latest insights on how to balance the human factor with technology in a disruptive change environment.

Plan for the future by understanding the connection between trust and a digitalized environment.



The program presents insights from experts in the field of leadership, security, psychology, and digitalization. After the program, you will understand the importance of trust management and how companies, people and society form an environment of trust in this digitalized era. During the summit, we will dig deeper into how trust is experienced and discuss the potential of technological solutions in times of disruptive change.

Gain a deeper understanding of how to maintain a balance between humans, security and technology
Gain insights into how to manage trust as part of a prosperous business and resilient society
Understand the impact of successfully combining human creativity with digital solutions


The program is designed for experts, leaders, and executives seeking new effective ways of improving business alongside digital solutions. Participants are open-minded and curious about viewing subjects from different angles and wish to challenge themselves and develop as leaders in a world of changing markets.

The program is also suitable for business directors and executive board members and is also relevant for professionals who aim for a greater sense of security, digital leadership and the power of the human.

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