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Advanced Lean Masterclass

The Essence of Excellence

Starting a Lean Program with a few enthusiasts is easy. Creating a sustainable Lean Program which involves and engages all oemployees is hard. It takes strong leadership, a change in culture, willing people and excellence across all functions and levels of the organization. 

Few have truly succeeded in doing this. 

The Advanced Lean Masterclass program has been designed, and is delivered, by Professor Peter Hines to show you how it's done. It is not for beginners; it is for those who wish to deepen their existing knowledge. In it you will learn that the starting point is not simply using the traditional Lean or Six Sigma tools but identifying culture you want and the behaviors you need to make it flourish. You will then learn how the very best organizations define and implement the 4 Core Operating Systems that are designed to be both technically and behaviorally excellent. Each of these will be reviewed in depth.

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The program goes beyond the standard tools and techniques of Lean and is designed for Senior Directors and Managers and Improvement professionals looking to create sustainable success. 

Learn about and explore Advanced Lean in practice, not just in the classroom by undertaking six gemba-based exercises in leading organizations.

Peter Hines has consistently been one of the top-rated instructors at Aalto EE and is regarded as the #1 Lean expert in Europe.


Come to the Advanced Lean Masterclass if you aspire to create a sustainable Lean program. Find “the missing element in Lean” and understand the conditions that will enable you to take your own Lean program from being good to being truly excellent. The training will give you the knowledge of how to do this through gemba-based learning exercises reviewing how leading organizations apply the theory in practice. You will also receive a free copy of the companion guide “The Essence of Excellence”.

Gain knowledge of how to create an Advanced Lean Program yourself
Learn skills in understanding how to apply a sustainable Lean program and the motivation to make it work for you
Explore what successful Lean development looks like in practice in leading organizations


Senior Directors and Managers and Improvement Agents such as Lean Coaches, from any industry, who aspire to the best.

People attending the Advanced Lean Masterclass might be facing one or more of the following problems: difficulty in engaging all the senior team, middle managers, and front line employees; sustanability issues around their Lean program; Lean Program that is not consistently delivering the desired results.

Contents and Schedule

The three modules focus on the culture and behaviors that drive enterprise excellence. You will learn about the 4 Core Operating Systems, each of which will be reviewed in depth. The structure of each module is theory, practice and gemba-based learning.

The program is highly participative and involves three site tours, theory with Professor Hines and six gemba-based learning exercises involving discussions with employees from the firms involved:

Murata Electronics Oy http://muratafinland.com/
Mylan Damastown https://www.mylan.com/
Rabobank https://www.rabobank.com/en/home/index.html

The first module provides an Introduction to Advanced Lean and Excellence Culture and an insight into Behavioral Deployment. The second module covers The Strategy Deployment System and The Continuous Improvement System, and the third module concentrates on The Leaders Standard Work and The Learning and Development System.

Program Structure


The Essence of Excellence book

6-Day Program

2-day block in a Finnish company followed by a 4-day block in two Irish companies

Learning Log

Consolidation of your Learning Log and how you will use the Learning in your business



Peter Hines

Professor, Waterford Institute of Technology

Professor Peter Hines, is Co-Founder of the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School. LERC has grown to be the largest academic research in lean globally.

Hines is Europe’s leading authority on Lean having had 30 years experience of research, writing, consulting and training.


Hines has undertaken extensive research into Lean and written or co-written twelve books including the Shingo Prize winning books “Staying Lean”, and “Creating a Lean & Green Business System”. His most recent book “The Essence of Excellence” was published in January 2019.

Hines is the founder of S A Partners, a specialist consultancy organization that assists companies in applying Lean. He also continues his academic links and is a Visiting Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology, Senior Certified Facilitator with The Shingo Institute at Utah State University and visiting roles in universities across Europe and North America.


Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The fee for the Advanced Lean Masterclass is € 5,900 (+ VAT).

(Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses or accommodation. VAT is applicable to private persons and Finnish companies. Number of participants is limited to 16.)


The program will take place in Spring 2020. Contact us for further information.

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