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Leading Marketing in Digital Era

Achieve an impact and efficiency in digital marketing and sales

The Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen (Leading Marketing in Digital Era) program develops the digital marketing skills of marketing and communications professionals, and provides a deeper understanding of marketing in the digital era.

The program covers the themes of marketing measurement and analytics, omnichannel marketing strategies, social media marketing and content marketing. The core of the program examines the creation of digital marketing with an impact from the point of view of marketing, sales, and an entire business.

Omnichannel marketing is increasingly important to the success of digital marketing. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the design and implementation of omnichannel strategies. They will learn to identify the brand stories that are important to content marketing and how to bring such stories to life in an impactful and effective manner.

One of the main goals of digital marketing is to generate leads. During the Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen program, participants engage in project work for their organizations in the areas of digital marketing, strategy development, campaign creation, or other topics relevant to their employers. The aim of the project is to develop new, effective ways of using digital marketing within an organization.

Participants in the Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen program will gain tools for creating effective digital marketing campaigns and strategies. After completing the program, they will understand how digital marketing works and creates value as part of broader marketing activities. Participants will better understand how to measure marketing performance and become familiar with the best practices in analytics.

The trainers of the Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen program, who are from Aalto University and marketing and communications firms, will offer participants a world-class learning experience based on the latest expertise.

This program will be held in Finnish.

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A combination of the latest academic knowledge with experienced practitioners’ expertise in digital marketing trends

Project work has a direct impact on digital marketing performance

Understanding the big picture, and practical tools for digital marketing


The Digiajan markkinoinin johtaminen program provides marketing and communications experts in organizations with the skills they need to capitalize effectively on digital marketing. Participants gain a strong understanding of value production through the development of analytical marketing, enabling the better generation of sales leads. The project assignment issued to participants can be directly applicable to the needs of their organizations.

You will receive the tools you need to create omnichannel content strategies
You will learn how to create a coherent digital brand story
You will gain expertise in the planning and measurement of digital marketing
You will enhance your own and your organization's expertise in generating leads through digital marketing


The Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen program is aimed at marketing and communications specialists in manager or expert roles, particularly in small and medium-sized organizations. The program covers both B2C and B2B digital marketing.

Participants whose work involves creating digital marketing campaigns or implementing marketing strategies will benefit most from the program. The program is also suitable for people who want to develop their knowledge of digital marketing and manage digital marketing tools.

Contents and Schedule

During the program, participants will study digital marketing and value creation, digital marketing performance, channel strategies, and content creation and branding. The core of the program involves combining digital marketing and sales.

It includes a partially supervised project assignment lasting throughout the program. The aim of the assignment is to put the program themes into practice by reviewing the status of digital marketing within your own organization, studying analytics and channel selections, critically reviewing your organization’s brand identity, and examining your own organization’s relationship with digital marketing and sales.

Program Structure

Four contact teaching days and two webinars

You will participate in five modules on topical themes of digital marketing

Project work

Throughout the program, you will work on a project that will benefit both you and your organization

Best practices based on real life cases

You will learn about new tools and methods you can apply to your work


 Program Fee and Registration