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Digitalisaation johtaminen teollisuudessa

The Digitalisaation johtaminen teollisuudessa program will explore the business potential of the Industrial Internet. The learning will enable your company to create more attractive products and services and streamline its production processes by seeing things from the customer's viewpoint. 

The program is held in Finnish.

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Digitalisaation johtaminen teollisuudessa 2020





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During the program you will gain a holistic up-to-date picture of the Industrial Internet, its areas of application and limitations, opportunities and future trends.

Understand the impact of different technological and environmental developments on business models, strategizing and operations
Learn how to identify business opportunities both in developing new customer value and in improving the efficiency of current operations
Understand how the platform economy and related business models and opportunities will impact current business and operative models
Understand the contemporary cybersecurity environment and how to identify different threats to current and future business


You will get the full advantage of the program when you are working in product and service development, production and logistics, ICT management, customer service or sales and marketing

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of five two-day modules and a study tour. The topics for the program are strategy, business ecosystems, architectures, business analytics, Industrie 4.0 and Service design 4.0

You can find a more detailed description of the program on our Finnish website.

Program Fee and Registration

The program is held in Finnish

You can find a more detailed description of the program on our Finnish website.