Diploma in Cyber Security

In the cyber world, security cannot be provided within a company, but it covers the entire supply and value chain as well as all stakeholders. We rely on digital technologies and services in modern societies. Like most other good things, digital innovations come with side effects and risks. 

The Diploma in Cyber Security program will provide you with a comprehensive viewpoint and tools for cyber security management. The training will help you enable your company to become more resilient and to function in the highly digitalized world and cyber environment. It will also help you identify and prepare for threats and disruptions and protect critical assets in your company and in the value network.

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"In today’s highly interconnected digital world we need to ensure business continuity and the resilience of digital societies. Cyber security has become a competitive advantage and business capability. We all have a role to play in it – especially executives."

Hadi Ghanbari, Assistant Professor, Aalto University 


Successful cyber security measures ensure business operations and serve the organization's strategic goals. Improved competencies allow the organization to function and prosper in the cyber environment.

You are able to detect and analyze critical cyber risks from your organization’s view-point.
You are more capable of mitigating and controlling risks with appropriate measures and with a business mindset.
You have a comprehensive set of tools to build cyber resilience and continuity in your organization and value networks by analyzing your company’s cyber security case throughout the program.
You are able to manage cyber crises and disruptions and help the organization recover from those.
You get a possibility to network and learn from other cyber security professionals.


  • Security Managers and Directors who want to deepen their cyber security competences 
  • Security professionals who will take on more demanding roles in cyber security 
  • Consultants and Trainers working in the fields of cyber security, information security, and digitalization 
  • Executives and Business Directors who want to get a comprehensive understanding of the importance of cyber security for business 

Examples of participants’ work titles

  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Information Security Manager
  • Security Director, Security Manager
  • Technology Manager
  • Business Director

Participation in the program does not require a technical background. The program will be delivered in English.

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of nine training days and one half-day crisis communication workshop.

Training modules consist of lectures, workshops, simulations, cases, and different types of group assignments. Some modules might have a pre-assignment and preparation beforehand. Throughout the program, you will analyze your own organization’s cyber security case, and apply learning outcomes to that context. This assignment is completed mostly independently and outside classes.

The program includes a visit to NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence in Tallinn. 

Three modules can be purchased as stand-alone modules. The fee for one module is € 1,100 (+ VAT). Available modules are


Inspiring and comprehensive modules

and problem solving with peers

Cyber case

Engaging and relevant analysis of a challenge of your choice

Experienced and rich pool of trainers

from the academia, public authorities, and industry



Jari Pirhonen

Jari Pirhonen has worked in a variety of security management roles and currently works for TietoEVRY as Chief Security Officer.

Hänen kiinnostuksen kohteensa on turvallisuus yleensä, erityisesti tietoturva liiketoiminnan, yritysturvallisuuden ja riskienhallinnan näkökulmista. Pirhonen on myös Aalto PRO:n Turvallisuusjohtamisen koulutusohjelma TJK:n alumni.

Valtteri Vuorisalo

Dr. Valtteri Vuorisalo works as a director in defence and public safety accounts for Accenture and as a research fellow at King’s College London.

Työssään ja tutkimuksessaan Valtteri keskittyy erityisesti data- ja tietovirtojen yhteensopivuuden mahdollistamiseen ja näiden virtojen hyödyntämiseen.

Hadi Ghanbari

Hadi Ghanbari works as an Assistant professor at Aalto University School of Business and teaches courses on cyber security.

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