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The program is held in Finnish in 2021.

Diploma in Global Sourcing - DGS

Drive Results Towards Long-term Business Advantage

Procurement has traditionally been considered as an operational function focused on buying goods and services at the lowest price and reducing transactional costs. But procurement can be much more than this. Procurement’s unique position at the interface between the internal and external domains means that it can contribute value in a way that no other function can. Procurement teams have insights and relationships that they can leverage to promote an organization's strategic goals and develop competitive advantage. In future, procurement will not only be measured by cost savings delivered, but also by value created.

Do you and your company have the competencies needed to respond to this scenario or even to get ahead of the curve?

The Diploma in Global Sourcing program builds competencies that drive towards the best possible customer satisfaction by integrating procurement with other supply chain operations. You will acquire tools to help you and your company transform everything from sourcing strategies to processes to match the upgraded expectations.

The Diploma in Global Sourcing program was developed in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering of Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays part of Aalto University) and continues to be developed in close collaboration with Aalto University.

The Diploma in Global Sourcing was first developed as a customized concept to strengthen procurement and sourcing practices in a large Finnish corporation. Since the introduction of the open Diploma program, more than 200 sourcing professionals have chosen to develop themselves and their companies with us. Procurement and sourcing have evolved considerably since the program was first introduced in 2008, and the program has developed in response. The program is delivered once a year.

 Please note that the program is held in Finnish.

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The content of the program is aligned to companies’ and individuals’ development needs.

The learning methods used enable you to develop a broad understanding of sourcing at a practical level.

World-class experts with both academic and business strengths from Aalto University and other organizations will support your journey.


After completing the program, participants will understand how to drive long-term business advantage throughout the network and supply chain in a digitalized world. The program provides fresh insights, applicable concepts and pragmatic tools that make your daily work more beneficial, effective and easier.

Develop sourcing strategies that generate value for all actors across the supply chain
Drive towards the best possible customer satisfaction by integrating sourcing with other supply chain operations
Learn to reduce costs while maximizing supplier value and opportunity


The program is for professionals in procurement, sourcing and supply management and with development responsibilities and the power to influence strategic decisions. The program is also suitable for people who act in collaboration with procurement, e.g. production, R&D or sales.

The Diploma in Global Sourcing program is especially valuable for managers, directors and chief officers in procurement, sourcing, purchasing, operations, production and sales. Participants in previous courses have worked, for example, as sourcing directors, category leads and supply chain managers.

Contents and Schedule

The Diploma in Global Sourcing – DGS program provides new insights, frameworks, tools and methods to support deeper understanding and to further encourage new points of view or even adoption of a totally new mindset.

Instead of lecturing on a broad variety of individual issues around buzzwords, our trainers focus on guiding participants to understand the key frameworks and being able to apply them effectively in their own organizations. We believe that a systematic and efficient learning process drives long-term impact in the development of professional identity.

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All instructors – both Finnish and from international networks – are hand-picked for their combination of academic and business experience.

Katri Kauppi

Associate Professor, Aalto University

Katri Kauppi got her PhD from Helsinki School of Economics in 2009, on the topic of "Challenges of purchasing centralization - Empirical evidence from Public Procurement". After her graduation, she has worked as an Assistant Professor of Operations Management at Manchester Business School, and as an Assistant Professor of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at Nottingham University Business School.

In August 2012, Katri started in the tenure track of Aalto University. She was promoted to Associate professor and received her tenure in August 2018.

Harri Lorentz

Associate Professor, University of Turku

Lorentz received his doctoral degree in international business in 2009 from University of Turku, Finland, and currently serves as an associate professor of purchasing and supply management in the Operations & Supply Chain Management programme of Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Finland.

His research interests are currently concentrated on digitalization of procurement, procurement capabilities, as well as on supply market intelligence. In the past Dr. Lorentz has been affiliated with the University of Cambridge (Senior Research Associate), and Manchester Business School (visiting researcher) in the UK. He also has practical experience from food export operations as well as World Bank led trade and transport facilitation projects in the CIS countries. Dr. Lorentz has published in several leading international journals, such as Journal of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management and Industrial Marketing Management.

Mikko Sandelin

Researcher, Aalto University School of Business

Mikko Sandelin (MSc. econ.) finalizes his doctoral dissertation at Aalto University School of Business. His doctoral research focuses on management control systems from holistic perspective in order to understand effective combinations of financial planning, performance measurement and evaluation, rewarding, reporting lines, and cultural controls such as promotion, socialization, and training practices.

Sandelin helps organizations increase their responsiveness to changes in the operating environment by redesigning financial planning and measurement combinations, and by rethinking management through lean principles.

Tomi Merenheimo

Attorney-at-law, Magnusson

Tomi Merenheimo is the managing partner of Magnusson in Finland and the Chairman of Magnusson International.

He is a former managing director of a top 10 Finnish law firm and was previously Vice President of Legal Affairs and Investor Relations at a major Finnish-listed technology company and licensed telecommunications operator.

Tomi focuses on contract law, mergers and acquisitions, employment issues and technology. He has solid experience in leading transaction processes and the integration of acquired businesses, with experience of well over 300 M&A cases. Tomi’s area of specialization is the management of cross-border transactions, typically including several jurisdictions. Tomi has many board positions in different industries and he is well known for his business-minded approach and skills to find alternatives and solutions in difficult situations.

Dr. Thomas Johnsen

Professor, Audencia Business School

Thomas E. Johnsen is Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management at Audencia Business School (Nantes, France) where he is also Director of the M.Sc. programme in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management. Prior to this he was Gianluca Spina Professor of SCM at Politecnico di Milano. 

He is currently Associate Editor of the Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management. His book (with M. Howard and J. Miemczyk) Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: a Sustainability Perspective which was first published by Routledge in April 2014 and awarded the ACA-Bruel coup de coeur prize, is now in its 2nd edition.

Dr. Katariina Kemppainen

Professor of Practice, Aalto University School of Business

Katariina Kemppainen is a Professor of Practice at the Aalto University School of Business. Dr. Kemppainen has previously taught courses on Supply Chain Management, Sourcing and Manufacturing Planning at the RSM Erasmus University, Helsinki School of Business and Nokia.

She has been recognized with teaching awards such as the Best Course at the Finnish Business Schools 2005 and Aalto Teaching Excellence 2017. Dr. Kemppainen is particularly interested about supply chain decision making and operations planning. She worked as a supply chain executive (e.g. Chief Supply Chain Architect, Head of Sales & Operations Planning, and Head of Continuous Improvement) at Nokia and Microsoft 2007-2014. She has also published in academic journals such as International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, and Journal of Business Ethics. Her current research focuses on the use of analytics in supply chain planning processes, management of supply risks, and operations scheduling in service and manufacturing systems. Professor Kemppainen holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Logistics both from the Helsinki School of Economics. She has been a board member of Hansel Oy, the central purchasing organization of state organizations, since 2016.

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