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Diploma in IT Leadership

Future CIO

Developing business-driven IT and making the most of digitalization in corporate business development

This training program develops the competences and practices needed in bringing strategy and IT together, information systems management, portfolio management, and customer-oriented service provision. The entire value chain is studied from both business and IT perspectives. By taking this program, you will build up a thorough and concrete picture of the challenges that IT management faces today. This program will be held in Finnish.

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You will enhance both your IT management practices and your leadership.
You will discover the significance of information and information systems, and the role played by IT management in business development and management.
You will obtain best practices and new perspectives on designing and implementing a combined IT and business strategy.
You will get skills and tools for portfolio management.
You will form an understanding of customer-oriented service production as a whole.


The program is aimed at all those working in IT management tasks, both senior and middle management and experts. Participants will share a common desire to see business activities, people and technology as an integrated whole powered by IT.

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For example:

  • Information system/ IT managers
  • Development managers
  • Senior experts
  • Those responsible for a company's or organization's information systems management; those working on IT/digitalization and business strategy
  • Those responsible for information systems

Contents and Schedule

The program is held in Finnish. See the schedule on the Finnish page.

The contact days include lectures, examples of organizational practices, group work, and discussions. Both individual and group assignments will be set during the program.


Program Fee and Registration

The program is held in Finnish

You can find a more detailed description of the program on our Finnish website.