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Diploma in Project Management

From Project Manager To Project Leader

Diploma in Project Management is a comprehensive project management and leadership program for experienced project managers. It has been designed to support your growth to take the role of a project leader. The program provides methods and practices for efficient project and team leadership. Aalto PRO’s Diploma in Project Management has been running continuously for over 20 years.

You will gain a comprehensive overview of project management methods. You will also expand your understanding of how you can better lead your project's team and stakeholders. The program provides a holistic view of project management, with particular emphasis planning stages of a project and the leadership required in a project context. 

During the program, you will work on personal exercises and deepen your understanding of yourself as a Project Manager leading to actions and development steps for yourself. After the program, you will be in a position to take on responsibility for demanding projects requiring extensive project management expertise.

The Diploma in Project Management program is led by Aalto University’s experienced instructors, project management experts, and international instructors with vast experience in running projects.

Note that this program is held in Finnish.

Program Information in Finnish  


Diploma in Project Management develops your organization’s experts to become future project leaders. It supports the systematic development of project management-related competence in your organization and provides organizations with new ideas and operating models. The program teaches you the skills you need to increase the maturity level of your company’s project activities, assume a key role in highly demanding and complex projects, and provide a wide range of project management-related development and consultation services.

Master key project management tools and methods
Become more successful in your projects and demonstrate your qualifications in certification processes
Improve your expertise in project management and project leadership
Build a network of project managers and leaders across organizations


The program is designed for experienced project management professionals: project managers and project leaders. It is suitable for those who want to develop their company’s project-related operations and expertise for projects that demand diverse approaches.

By participating in this program, you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do I lead a project and project team?
  • What are the best methods for effective project management?
  • What can I learn from other industries?
  • How should I develop myself to become a better project manager or project leader?

Contents and Schedule

The program covers the key themes concerning project management and project leadership, most importantly project team and stakeholder leadership, effective project management (including scope management, timetable management and risk management), and the managing the project over the life cycle. In addition, you will be invited to consider your own project leadership skills and explore the challenges of future project management.

The program consists of instructor-led training days. Some of these days are carried out online and some on-site. The program also includes independent assignments that will help develop both your own work and your organization. The Echo Team method ensures that you will come away with knowledge that you can apply to your organization. In addition, you will participate in the Me as a Project Manager process, which will allow you to reflect on your personal strengths and development targets and create an action plan going forward. The training days include instructor-led introductions and group discussions.

Program Fee and Registration

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