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Facilitating Change for Future Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility, Aalto University Professional Development, KTH Stockholm, TU Eindhoven, and Digital hub Mobility/UnternehmerTUM are calling for urban mobility, transport, and urban planning professionals looking to make a change in future sustainable mobility planning.

The EIT Urban Mobility Changemaker is a workshop series consisting of four online co-creation workshops designed for urban mobility and transport planning professionals. The workshops are organized by Aalto University Professional Development, KTH Stockholm, TU Eindhoven, and Digital hub Mobility/UnternehmerTUM in cooperation with EIT Urban Mobility City Club. The core contents of these professional development workshops lie in understanding and facilitating organizational change and developing a collective understanding for (retro-)fitting public authorities and private actors to facilitate sustainable future mobility in different societal and geographic contexts.

The series offers theory and hands-on content for urban mobility executives and professionals, and specialists, researchers, decision-makers, planning officials, and representatives from NGOs, local authorities, and policy groups.

Listen to the Urban Mobility Changemakers podcast!

The podcast series is part of The Urban Mobility Change Maker Program, organized 2021 and realized with support of EIT Mobility, co-funded by the European Union. It is produced in cooperation between Aalto University Executive Education (Helsinki), KTH Stockholm, Eindhoven University of Technology and The Digital Mobility Hub at UnternehmerTUM (Munich).

In the podcast we seek to empower urban mobility professionals for a transition towards sustainable urban mobility!

Listen to the Urban Mobility Changemakers Podcast on here:

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Learning to lead change and drive innovation to pave the way for sustainable urban mobility innovations that impact future urban mobility is at the core of the workshops. But driving change and innovation in the field of urban mobility takes time. The stakeholder ecosystem is complex, and decision-making in the public realm is often slow. Many innovative solutions, technologies, and tools to work towards sustainable urban mobility already exist, but implementation is taking place at a slow pace.

The EIT Urban Mobility Changemaker Workshops offer valuable insights into best practices from the European cities, academia, and practitioners. The workshop series combines lectures and co-creation sessions focusing on urban mobility solutions and best practices and sessions that focus on tools and methods that help to understand, manage, and ideate in the complex stakeholder ecosystem in urban mobility. Further, the workshops take a deep dive into participatory planning processes, design thinking, change management, and innovation leadership.

The workshop series covers contents that provide an institutional frame for change in urban mobility, transport, and urban planning. Change management, innovation leadership, participatory planning practices, and organizational change provide the theoretical base for establishing a frame fruitful for urban mobility innovation. The workshops will facilitate creating knowledge, building networks, gaining new insights from international industry cases and academia, and gaining access to topical research and experts.



The workshop series is designed for urban mobility professionals from the public and private sectors.

It is for transport professionals, policy and decision-makers, urban and mobility planners, researchers, entrepreneurs from public transport authorities, transportation providers, NGOs, startups, transport professionals, and representatives from cities and regions.


The workshop series closes the knowledge gap between decision-making, planning, solution providers, and ultimately citizens and urban mobility users. The contents help participants understand the behavioral and organizational structures that form the base for decision-making in mobility planning and hence create an understanding of context and the operational environment of urban mobility.

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