EIT Urban Mobility Changemaker Stockholm

Facilitating Change for Future Urban Mobility

This workshop will focus on transformation to sustainable transportation with focus on urban mobility, based on practical experiences from mainly Stockholm and Sweden, and from ongoing research. We will also integrate experiences from the participants in the workshop, to identify and suggest ways forward. A specific focus is on the interrelation between urban space and mobility, and institutional frames supporting change and better practices. The workshop will have inspiration lectures blended with discussions and exercises.

Host: KTH Stockholm


  • Preconditions for change – institutional capacity building and collaboration
  • Strategies for public transport
  • The role of public space
  • Walkability and biking
  • Planning for sustainable transport systems
  • Examples from Stockholm and Sweden
  • Co-creation workshops


Maria Håkansson (coordinator), Associate Professor, Division of Urban and Regional Studies KTH

Muriel Beser Hugosson, Associate Professor Division of Transport and System Analysis KTH, Dean of School of Architecture and Built Environment

Vania Ceccato, Professor in Urban Safety, Division of Urban and Regional Studies KTH

Martin Emanuel, Doctor in Historical Studies, researcher at Division of Urban and Regional Studies, KTH

Tigran Haas, Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Studies, Division of Urban and Regional Studies KTH, former Director for Center for Future of Places KTH

Karolina Isaksson, Adjunct Professor Division of Urban and Regional Studies KTH, Senior Researcher Division of Mobility, Actors and Planning Processes, VTI

Erik Jenelius, Associate Professor of Public Transport Systems, Division of Transport Planning, KTH

Albania Nissan, Associate Professor, Division of Transport Planning, KTH

Michele Simoni, Assistant Professor, Division of Transport and System Analysis KYH

Workshop Program

NB! Workshop schedule in local time

October 6, 2021
10.00-17.00 CET

10.00 Welcome to KTH!

Opening EIT Urban Mobility Changemaker workshop series (Mikko Laak, Program Manager, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd)

Introduction to Stockholm workshop (Maria Håkansson, KTH)

11.00–15.00 incl lunch break: 
Inspiration lectures: Transformation to sustainable mobility and a sustainable transport system – institutional, historical and economic aspects

11.00–11.45 Planning for sustainable transport. Links and tensions between national and local perspectives- an institutional perspective (Adjunct Professor Karolina Isaksson)

11.45–12.00 Sum-up discussions

12.00–13.00 Lunch break

13.00–13.45 Lessons from practice and research (Associate Professor Muriel Beser Hugosson)

13.45–14.00 Sum-up discussions

14.00-14.10 Break

14.10-14.55 Historical perspective and lessons from Stockholm as a city for walking and bicycling (Docent Martin Emanuel)

14.55–15.10 Sum-up discussions

15.10–15.20 Break

15.20–16.30 Workshop 1: Challenges and opportunities (mapping exercise)

16.30 Sum-up of the day (Maria Håkansson)

16.40– Online mingle for participants – learn to know someone new

October 7, 2021
10.00-17.00 CET

10.00 Introduction to the day (Maria Håkansson)

10.10–15.00 incl lunch break: 
Inspiration lectures: Public places, public transport, parking – use, functions and methods

10.10–10.45 Transit safety, individual's mobility & the intersectionality of safety (Professor Vania Ceccato)

10.45–11.00 Sum-up discussions

11.00-11.10 Break

11.00–11.45 The meaning and creation of the public space (Associate Professor Tigran Haas)

11.45–12.00 Sum-up discussions

12.00–13.00 Lunch break

13.00–13.30 Public transportation and COVID-19 – experiences from Stockholm (Associate Professor Erik Jenelius)

13.30–13.45 Sum-up discussion

13.45–14.00 Break

14.00–14.45 Parking – practices and strategies (Associate Professor Albania Nissan)

14.45–15.00 Sum-up discussion

15.00–16.30 Workshop 2: Shared spaces – how can we design and use them better with urban mobility in focus? (incl challenges and solutions, result in identifying possible solutions, strategies and actors/groups of importance)

16.30–17.00 Sum-up of the workshop

October 8, 2021
9.00-12.30 CET

9.00 Introduction

9.10–9.30 Perspectives on urban mobility (Assistant Professor Michele Simoni)

9.30–10.30 Workshop 3: Strategies for knowing and doing – how can we change travel behavior, planning and management in our organizations and cities? Suggestion for an action plan

10.30–10.45 Break

10.45–11.45 Presentations from the workshops (incl short break)

11.45–12.00 Sum-up: What do we take home and what is the next step?

12.00–12.30 Closing and handing-over to Helsinki, Eindhoven and Munich workshop (Maria Håkansson, Mikko Laak, Helsinki, Soora Rasouli, TUE Eindhoven, Maximilian Ritz, UnternehmerTUM Munich)

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