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Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management (online)

The effective management of supplier relationships is becoming ever more critical in the global business landscape characterized by increasingly intensive competition and rapidly evolving technologies.

The Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management online course focuses on the interphase between different organizations and ways to manage it. The course will take you through a journey that covers the understanding of what Supply Chain Management is, making outsourcing decisions, designing the primary mode for planning and control, and laying the ground for carrying out analysis on different aspects of your supply chain.

The course is designed to support independent study optimally. You can choose when and how to carry out the learning tasks. You will also get a certificate for the completion of the course.

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By completing the course, the participant will get
an Aalto PRO Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management certificate worth 0.5 ECTS.

A unique insight into the relationships between organizations and ways to manage interphases.

The basic frameworks and concepts of supply chain management with practical learning tasks.

A cost-effective and flexible way to deepen your understanding of supplier relationships.


By taking the course, you will learn the fundamentals of supply chain management. The course provides essential tools, concepts, and frameworks to be applied to your daily work.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of supply chain management
Deepen your understanding of the pull and push strategies as the main two strategies for production planning and control
Gain an ability to use some of the most central supply chain frameworks to analyze your company’s structural position within and the performance of the supply chain
Familiarize yourself with the essential articles in the related topics


This online course is beneficial to professionals from different functions of organizations, who need both overall understanding and practical frameworks of supply chain management to be applied in their everyday business.


The course covers the fundamental concepts of supply chain management, vertical integration, push and pull strategies, supply chain frameworks.

The duration of each core module is about 12 hours, depending on the preferred study style. The length of the whole course, including summary and final assessment, is about 510 hours.

Each core module contains:

  • Introduction
  • Video lecture (from 5 to 9 minutes)
  • A small reflection task
  • Reading assignment based on a specific article
  • Knowledge check questions
  • Review of the key takeaways from the module

Program Structure

A Pre-Test for Self-Assessment

Four core modules

Each core module is about 1–2 hours

The Final Assessment

You will receive a certificate of the completion of the course

Course Modules

  1. Key Consepts of Supply Chain
  2. Vertigal Integration
  3. Push and Pull Strategies
  4. Frameworks of Supply Chain Management
  5. Summary and Next Steps


Max Finne

Max Finne is an Assistant Professor of Information and Service Management at Aalto University School of Business.

Max Finne is an expert in operations, projects, and supply chain management. He has specialized in servitization, Industry 4.0, service network management, professional service operations, inter-organizational collaboration, learning analytics, and flipped learning pedagogies. Finne has taught in several Warwick Business School’s prestigious Executive, Full-time, and Distance Learning MBA Programs before joining Aalto University. Even the most demanding student cohorts highly appreciate Finne’s teaching and have awarded him with the highest student feedback of the whole teaching team on many occasions.

He has carried out close research collaboration with companies such as ABB, Costain, Finnair, Fujitsu, KONE, NCC, and Skanska. He delivers innovative and engaging teaching with a high impact on learning, which is showcased through his winning the distinguished Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award in 2015, 2016, and 2018.

Max Finne has been awarded Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Professional Practice with distinction (1st-class honors) from the University of Warwick. It gave him full pedagogical qualification to teach in the UK Higher Education and recognition as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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