Global Talent F.E.C

New employment possibilities await - step forward!

Would you be interested in building up your career in Finland and taking on new challenges? Have you already gained some experience in your field but need more knowledge about how Finnish companies and other employers operate? Global Talent F.E.C program can take you further - apply now!

In the Global Talent F.E.C* program, you can acquire an overall understanding of the Finnish business environment and its principles, including sales and marketing, product development, and project management. 

During the program, you will work in your partner company's business development, for example, in product development, supply chain, or export roles, depending on your background and the need of the partner company. You will also participate in training modules that deepen or broaden your current expertise. The program aims to find employment for you in the Finnish labor market.

The Global Talent F.E.C training program is part of the Talent Boost program by the Finnish Government. Talent Boost aims to attract international talents to the Finnish labor market and harness the expertise of the talents already living in Finland to support Finnish companies.

*) F.E.C = Further Educated with Companies is a labor market training concept to conclude an employment contract. Its purpose is to reconcile job seekers' current expertise, development, and career goals with the needs of potential new employers. The program lasts around six months and includes Aalto PRO's high-quality training and practical work with a partner company. You can read more about the concept here.

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F.E.C participant Alok Jain says that the Global Talent F.E.C program gave him exactly what he needed to launch his career.

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The program provides participants with an overall understanding of the Finnish business environment and its principles. It also helps participants recognize and market their expertise in the Finnish labor market.

Improve your knowledge about productive and profitable business
Build your competence in project management and get an IPMA–D certification
Strengthen your abilities and profile yourself in your field of expertise and, for example, in internationalization
Acquire access to the Finnish labor market with the F.E.C concept
Demonstrate your skills at your partner company


The program is for foreign nationals living in the capital region (Uusimaa) who have recently graduated from a Finnish university or University of Applied Sciences and are unemployed.

Also, suppose you are an unemployed immigrant or an immigrant under the threat of unemployment, have a university degree from another country, and have relevant work experience in your field of expertise, you can be accepted to the program. Furthermore, if you have moved to Finland because of your spouse's work, or if you are a Finnish citizen moving back to Finland from abroad, the program fits you as well.

You need to have sufficient English mastery to be eligible, as the program will be delivered in English.

Also, foreign individuals must have a right to public employment and business services, i.e., TE Services.

You have completed your Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. degree since full-time students cannot be selected. We welcome applicants from various fields of science.

Contents and Schedule

The training program consists of lectures, workshops, individual learning, and tutoring. As a participant, you will be assigned a mentor in your partner company during the program. You will also receive tutoring during the program to support your learning and potential for employment.

For the program, you, as the participant, the partner company, and Aalto PRO will sign a training contract. You will work for their matched company for about 80% of the time allocated for the program.

Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment supports the training.

In addition to working in the company and participating in the shared learning modules, you will have the possibility to choose from pre-selected training modules that best support your performance and development. Examples of possible roles and supportive modules:

  • Product development: you choose supportive online courses in innovation leadership, service management, and accounting to develop your expertise in R&D and investments and acquire the ability to work with the export team and negotiate with international clients.
  • Export and sales: for example, by choosing the World-Class Negotiator, you learn to understand the negotiation dynamics and get a solid base to work with the export and sales team.

Program Structure

20 days of face-to-face and individual learning

Learning critical aspects of business and its development

100 days working in a company

Working for a company to acquire practical experience

Training Modules Common to all Participants

You take part in training modules common to all participants and complement those with selective training modules.

Application to the Labour Training

Aalto PRO invites suitable applicants to an infosession, after which, a search for a partner company will be launched together. Aalto PRO has an extensive cooperation network, but your own activity in finding a workplace is also important.

Program start