Responsible Business and Environmental Management

Succeed with responsible choices

The training helps you in developing a broad understanding of business and the aspects of responsibility related to it. The various modules of the program introduce the participants to the essential concepts, models, and practices of responsible business that help to outline the whole of responsible business. 

The training will provide the participants with the ability to identify the choices and stakeholders that are relevant to their organization's responsible business. During the program, the participants will learn to outline the field of responsible business as a whole and how individual factors affect it. The aim is to create a collective understanding of the complexity of the field of responsibility and to realize the position of their own organization on the map of responsibility. For example, the participants will learn to look critically at the progress of digitalization from a sustainability perspective, develop their own skills in developing sustainability reporting and metrics, outline their organization's supply chain and related challenges, and understand key practices in sustainability communication and marketing. 

During each module, responsible business is studied from a distinct perspective. The modules focus on the organization's operating environment and stakeholders, social responsibility, responsibility reporting and metrics, supply chains, and responsibility communication and marketing. A module on digital responsibility and data ethics and social responsibility has been added to the program. 

  • The participants will learn to identify business models and leadership practices that are relevant to responsible business. They will also be provided with support and tools to develop responsibility issues in their own organization. 
  • This extensive training course introduces participants to the various aspects of responsibility and their effects on each other and the whole. The training program prepares the participants to face the organization's responsibility challenges and develop responsible business. 

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March 16, 2023


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In the training, you will deepen your expertise in responsible business and be introduced to new perspectives. You will become more familiar with the essential concepts, models, and practices of responsibility. Through assignments in the different study modules, you will develop your abilities to consider various matters analytically from your company's point of view and learn how utilize them in development work. During the program, you will work on guided project work with the goal of developing your own organization and deepening your knowledge of the chosen topic.

The participants will learn to understand and consider responsible business as a whole
You will refine your expertise in corporate responsibility communications, marketing, and stakeholder cooperation
You will work on guided project work aimed at developing your own organization and deepening your knowledge of the chosen topic
You will expand your network by collaborating with other professionals

For whom? 

The training is suitable for people working in development, expert, and leadership roles with responsibility for environmental, sustainability and quality issues. 

The Responsibility and Business program is also suitable for those working in the human resources and communications units, who develop business responsibility and promote stakeholder cooperation. 

Participants from previous years recommend the program to professionals who are open-minded about the possibilities of responsibility as a starting point for the renewal of the organization and their own skills. 

Participants in the program have come from a variety of industries and have included development managers, experts, quality managers, consultants, project managers, designers, product managers, environmental experts, environmental managers, procurement managers and, for example, communications managers.

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Contents and Schedule

The training consists of six contact teaching modules and an online course, which is recommended to be completed well in advance of the official start of the training. The training also includes module-specific exercises and project work to be worked on throughout the training. 

Projects are intended to develop the operations of the participant’s organization and deepen their expertise on the selected topic. In project work, the participant will use and apply the lessons and skills learned from training, field-specific literature, and their own experiences. The work will be guided by an expert on the subject. 

This program is held in Finnish. You can find a detailed description of the contents and schedule on our Finnish website.

Program Fee and Registration

This program is held in Finnish.

You can find a detailed description of the contents and schedule on our Finnish website.