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Managing the Digital Supply Chain

Transform Your Supply Chain for the Digital Era

Digital disruption changes an entire supply chain mindset. Learn how to select and use the best digital applications for your business in the Managing the Digital Supply Chain program. After the program you will know what it means to lead a supply chain in the digital world.

Innovative use of technology has disrupted the traditional approach to supply chain strategy and the impact of supply chain management (SCM) on business performance. How supply chain management can contribute to the digitalization of the business model is as important as defining the digital transformation agenda of SCM itself. Digital transformation is not only influencing the opportunities and challenges of supply chains, but also transforming the entire digital approach of a company.

The Managing the Digital Supply Chain program is designed for managers and professionals involved in designing, optimizing or redesigning supply chains. It provides participants with an understanding of the main supply chain processes and operational activities as a basis for establishing a vision of how digital applications can improve services, cost, agility and inventory levels.

By attending the program, you will

  • discover what new business opportunities digitalization could create for your company,
  • know how to implement processes and organizational changes that use leading-edge technologies to drive operational excellence,
  • learn what new capabilities are needed for transformation, and
  • adapt tools for speed, flexibility and agility.

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Learn how a digital supply chain can become a source of competitive advantage

Understand supply chain core processes and acquire the skills needed to implement digital applications

Improve customer satisfaction and increase profit


This intensive and effective training program gives you time and space to rethink your supply chain. It provides you with an understanding of supply chain core processes and how digital applications can improve services, cost, agility and inventory levels.

Develop a road map for digitalizing your supply chain
Leverage information flows and customer insights
Manage cross-functional coordination and execution
Lead your supply chain transformation


The Managing the Digital Supply Chain program is for managers and professionals involved in designing, optimizing or redesigning supply chains. They are responsible for, or contribute to, the supply chain decision-making process in their company.

The program is also suitable for managers and professionals experienced in the following areas: operations, manufacturing, logistics, procurement or IT management.

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Contents and Schedule

The program will be delivered over the course of a week from Monday noon to Friday noon. Days will be intensive and interactive, including discussions and exercises. Working hours are from nine to nine (excluding the first and the last day). Evenings are reserved for networking and interaction with peers and faculty.

Gaming and other innovative learning methods will be used to help thinking and renewal. Business game will provide participants with a good picture of how to lead many operations simultaneously in the changing environment and how to create business strategy and make decisions. Before the training, participants will familiarlize themselves with the following applications (4 x 1 hour video): AI, robotics, VR and blockchain. The program is held in English.

Program Themes and Topics

Supply chain and competitive strategy

  • SCM strategy as part of business strategy
  • SCM, value chains, customer value
  • Supply chain relationships
  • Outsourcing decisions, servitization
  • Ecosystems & platform economy

Processes and tools

  • SCM core processes (plan, source, make, deliver, return)
  • S&OP, matching supply and demand
  • Optimization, material, information and financial flows
  • Analytics in decision-making

Technology issues (Virtual contents)

  • Automation, robotics, 3D, AI, machine learning, Big data etc.
  • Changes in IBP

Risks and sustainability

  • Managing risks and supply chain complexity
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Managing supply chain complexity
  • Circular economy, design for x

Finance, measuring

  • Financial management
  • Measuring performance

Talent management

  • New capabilities
  • Leading organizational change


The overview of technology is based on Aalto University research in the fields of AI, automation, robotics, VR and blockchain. Our trainers have strong expertise in digitalization and emerging technologies, combining best practice and knowledge from industry and academia.

Instructors include

  • Pekka Lettijeff, Industrial Advisor, Lettijeff Advisory AB
  • Marja Blomqvist, Partner & Senior Consultant, QDC Business Engineering
  • Katariina Kemppainen, Professor of Practice, Aalto University
  • Juuso Töyli, Adjunct Professor, Aalto University
  • Katri Kauppi, Associate Professor, Aalto University
  • Kari Hiekkanen, Postdoc Researcher, Aalto University

Program Fee and Registration

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