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There is a tendency to have a too limited outlook on what responsibility is. It is easy to think that a company's social responsibility and environmental responsibility are separate from the company's financial objectives. However, all three objectives, namely good economic, environmental, and social responsibility, are strongly interlinked. For the economic result to be good, the environmental and social impact must also be right. This is about identifying opportunities as well as minimizing risks. 

Training provides a better understanding of what environmental responsibility and social responsibility in the supply chain mean and how they can be applied in your own organization. Within supply chains, properly designed social and environmental responsibility measures in supply chains, for example, can be a source of competitiveness and cost savings, as well as improve a firm’s corporate image. 

Who is it for? 

The training is suitable for people working in development, expert, and leadership roles with responsibility for environmental and quality issues. It is also suitable for those working in HR and communications units who are engaged in developing corporate responsibility and promoting stakeholder collaboration.  

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Koulutus on osa Diploma in Responsible Business and Environmental Management -ohjelmaa

Ohjelma kehittää osallistujan laaja-alaista ymmärrystä liiketoiminnasta ja siihen liittyvistä vastuullisuusnäkökohdista. Se perehdyttää osallistujat vastuullisen liiketoiminnan olennaisiin käsitteisiin, malleihin ja toimintatapoihin.

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Katri Kauppi, Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The program fee is €1,640 (+ VAT).


Register for the program by June 2, 2022.


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