Services in change situations

Aalto PRO will support your oganization during change situations. Whether you are engaged in recruitment or helping laid off staff to find new employment, we have a ready-made service package for you.

We will handle the arrangements on your behalf, through training projects for which the company can receive financial support from the employment administration. Aalto PRO has served as a partner in several major collaborative training projects involving companies that are facing change.


Nokia Bridge participants in 2016-2017


Over 500 Microsoft Polku participants

Programs in professional and leadership development

Finland’s national competitiveness pact will improve the change security of employees. The new change security arrangements impose new obligations on employers. Employers must now provide laid-off workers with training or education that improves their prospects of re-employment, if the employer has at least 30 employees, the employment relationship has lasted for at least five years and the dismissal was for production-related or financial reasons, i.e. was the result of cooperation negotiations. The training must correspond to a month’s calculated salary for the employee, or the average monthly salary of employees working in the same establishment, depending on whichever is greater.

Career guidance and professional development

Aalto PRO has been arranging training programs in professional and leadership development for laid-off employees since 2011. Nokia Bridge and Microsoft’s Polku programs are examples of training programs in which Aalto PRO has been a service provider.

Aalto PRO is a vendor of Change Training services for the Uusimaa TE Center. Change Training services can involve the provision of group training for people who have been laid off. Such training includes a short, exploratory career guidance component, and professional training modules selected from our extensive and varied range of courses.

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