Customer Specific Programs

Aalto PRO offers customer specific training solutions tailored to the specific needs of experts and managers working in businesses and public administration organizations.

Our customers have succeeded in

We help our customers to make their operations more efficient, create new expertise, and develop new, competitive operating methods. Supported by Aalto PRO, our customers’ achievements include

Building a forward-looking project culture, and increasing project profitability
Enhancing the profitability and efficiency of operations
Planning and developing procurement strategies
Developing overall quality and customer satisfaction
Improving operational reliability and cost-efficiency
Implementing Lean thinking to create a culture of continuous improvement

Flexible Design and Delivery

Aalto PRO’s customer specific programs are fully or partially based on open-enrollment programs that have already been realized and have gained excellent feedback. The level of tailoring varies according to the customer’s situation and needs. Thus the design process is very cost-efficient for our clients and the solutions guarantee measurable impact.

Participatory learning methods with hands-on tools guarantee measurable learning results."

Our programs benefit from Aalto University’s multidisciplinary expertise, and a combination of bold experimentation and a sharing-based approach. Participatory learning methods with hands-on tools guarantee measurable learning results.

The different elements of the programs – the content (themes and focus areas), faculty (professors, lecturers, consultants and coaches), learning methods and teaching venues – are all planned to meet the customer’s needs. If desired, we can also arrange different types of networking events and evening galas. Programs can be delivered flexibly at different locations and cities in Finland and abroad.

Our versatile, extensive professional network includes almost a thousand professors and experts. We select the best professionals in order to help our customers benefit from cutting-edge knowledge, the latest research and best practices.

We implement close to 100 company specific programs around the world each year under the Aalto EE and Aalto PRO brands. Our customers represent a broad selection of industries.

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