Aalto PRO’s Services in Change Situations

The market situation and changes in the operating environment are quickly reflected in organization’s need for personnel – its most important resource – as well as in its ability to employ. We help employers in change situations, whether the need for support is related to growth or adjustments.

Adjustment and Lay-off Situations

Situations where companies are adjusting their workforce in sudden business decline, underline the importance of employer responsibility and impact on the entire organization. A well-planned Change Security scheme helps laid-off employees find new employment as quickly as possible.

When the change is handled smoothly, both the dismissed employees and the organization find it easier to look ahead. Downsizing doesn’t only impact the laid-off employees but also supervisors, HR management, union representatives, and the remaining staff, who also need support in the situation. Lay-offs affect the entire workplace, and it’s critical for both those leaving and those remaining to handle it humanly and in an appropriate manner.

The Urapalvelut service combines career coaching and change training, forming a flexible solution tailored to your company’s and the dismissed employees’ needs. Our services are based on the principle of life-wide learning. With our solutions, your dismissed employees can make career transitions and acquire completely new skills. Our career coaches help and support them in clarifying goals, making career plans, and finding the best career options.

From the first contact to a jointly agreed service solution:

1. Contact us

Call, e-mail, or use the contact form. You’ll find our specialists’ contact details at the bottom of the page

2. Survey and planning

We will survey your situation and design a solution tailored to your organization’s needs.

3. Implementation

We will provide the agreed services in a responsible and professional manner with respect for individual employees and support your organization throughout the process.

Growth, Reskilling, and Finding New Talent

What skills will be needed in the future workplace? How will we respond to the challenges brought along by digitalization? How can companies support lifelong learning? Talent and continuous upskilling are key factors in sustainable growth, and you can’t grow your business without competent personnel. Our recruitment training programs support your organization when you need to find skilled workers.

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What Does the Change Security Legislation Mean for Those Employers Who Are Bound by It?

The objective of the Change Security legislation is to speed up dismissed employees’ re-employment and provide them with more security in the change situation.

The purpose of the Change Security legislation, which came into force in January 2017 in Finland, is to uphold the right of dismissed employees to receive coaching or training that promotes employment. The Change Security scheme strives at improving the position of employees that are laid-off due to financial, production-related, or organizational grounds and promoting their rapid re-employment.

Implementing Change Security requires active cooperation between employers, employees, union representatives, and employment authorities. It’s the only way to achieve the objective set for the Change Security scheme: to speed up re-employment and to increase security during the change situation in practice.

The Change Security legislation applies to employers with more than 30 employees and to employees who have been employed by the same organization for a minimum of five consecutive years. In practice this means that to implement the Change Security scheme, the company must offer a sum that on average equals to approximately one month’s salary.

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