F.E.C Programs – Competences Meeting the Needs of Working Life

Flexible F.E.C programs are a great way to employ, grow and find experts suitable for your business. This is demonstrated by the thousands of satisfied companies and trainees that have participated in the programs: more than 70% of participants conclude an employment contract. Become part of this success story!

Based on over 20 years of experience, Aalto PRO and the Further Educated with Companies (F.E.C) programs offer a range of new competencies that will meet the changing needs of your organization. The programs last for six months, during around 80% of which an expert, who you have interviewed and selected, works on tasks defined by your company while participating in a program arranged by Aalto PRO.


Over 5,000 satisfied companies have found an expert through us


Over 20 years of experience of successful F.E.C programs


Over 70% of participants sign an employment contract

F.E.C Training Concept for Businesses

Aalto PRO draws up a list of potential candidates for your company from a group of job seekers. Your company will interview the interesting candidates and pay the program participation fee, but only if a suitable person is found. Because the selected person will receive unemployment benefit during the program, your company will not pay a salary. The program period will provide the opportunity to customize assignments, roles, and goals in accordance with the skills and abilities demonstrated in practice, and meet your company’s needs. Once the goals have been met, your company can secure the candidate’s services through an employment contract at any point in the program.

Reconciling Jobseekers’ and Employers’ Needs

The Further Educated with Companies (F.E.C) training concept is designed together with a TE Center.

Its purpose is to reconcile the current expertise, development, and career goals of jobseekers with the skills needs of potential new employers. Involving the establishment of a training contract, the F.E.C program includes Aalto PRO’s high-quality training, as well as practical work for the partner company by the jobseeker. Training and work alternate during the program.

The program lasts for around six months, 80% of which involves working for the company. Training days are held in 1–3 day periods around once a month. The F.E.C program therefore includes a six-month cooperation period with the potential employee – with the aim of concluding an employment contract.

In every case, the trainee's job description will be customized to meet your company’s needs. It can involve any of the company's activities. Options include sales and marketing, project management, internationalization, ICT, change management, work at the customer interface or expertise in other tasks.

Experts Suitable for a Range of Roles

Hundreds of people apply for entry to workforce training arranged by Aalto PRO, with successful applicants passing a three-stage selection process. Admission criteria include educational background, work experience, possession of special skills, a proactive attitude and motivation, and social skills. We can provide employees for a variety of roles, since our applicants range from new graduates to holders of doctoral degrees. The overall aim is both to meet the company’s forthcoming staffing needs and develop the candidate’s competencies through training.

Training with Public Funding

Because Aalto PRO training programs aimed at recruitment receive public funding, they are cost-effective for companies. The total price paid by the company is EUR 8,400 (+ VAT). The participation fee also includes accidental injury and liability insurance for the trainee who will work at the target company.

When a candidate suitable for the company has been found, the trainee and Aalto PRO sign a training contract covering the duration of the program. The company is not obliged to hire the trainee during or after the training program, even if the aim of the program is – naturally – the signing of an employment contract.

Experience, Reliability, and Excellent Results

The company will have Aalto PRO's experts at its disposal throughout the training program. These experts will take charge of all practical arrangements for the program, ensuring that collaboration runs smoothly between all parties.

Aalto PRO already has over 20 years of experience of training programs aimed at finding employment for program participants. Being part of Aalto University guarantees the quality and reliability of our work. Thousands of jobseekers have already been employed through us. Our course participants and corporate customers are highly satisfied: the collaborative try-outs result in the signing of an employment contract in over 70% of cases. 

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