MuutosKoulutus - Change Training

MuutosKoulutus (Change Training) supports laid-off employees in finding new employment and furloughed (temporarily laid-off) employees in transitioning to new positions.

By offering MuutosKoulutus training, companies can take responsibility for their employees' future when they are forced to lay-off staff on financial or production-related grounds.

Did you know that MuutosKoulutus is also suitable for situations where employees are furloughed indefinitely and their return to the previous positions is uncertain?

The purpose of the training is to support and speed up the laid-off employees' re-employment. A MuutosKoulutus participant may improve their current knowledge or learn completely new skills and assume new kinds of responsibilities. The length of the training period depends on the situation but is always at least ten (10) study days.

Aalto PRO is a MuutosKoulutus service contractor for the Uusimaa ELY Centre.

MuutosKoulutus is paid jointly by the ELY Centre and the employer. The employer's share is 20%.

Our wide selection includes dozens of technology and business training programs designed to meet the learning needs of those working in management and demanding specialist positions.

MuutosKoulutus is suitable for both public and private sector employers.

Over 500 Microsoft Polku participants chose the Aalto PRO MuutosKoulutus solution.

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