RekryKoulutus for Your Organization's Recruitment Needs

RekryKoulutus (Recruitment Training) is a good option when you need support in recruiting skilled workers.

With RekryKoulutus, you can find and train new employees to meet your organization’s needs. RekryKoulutus aims at finding the right talent with the latest skills and knowhow in the field.

RekryKoulutus can be co-arranged with several organizations or tailored to your organization’s needs. The training is jointly funded by the employing organization and the employment and the economy administration. The employer’s share is 30% of the agreed total contract price.

How is RekryKoulutus arranged?

For the organization, the process is simple. We will provide all the support you need and, when needed, also prepare all documents so that they are ready to be signed. We will also take care of the application process, information sessions, and pre-interviews together with the TE Office and only present the most suitable candidates to you. The final choice on who to recruit will be yours.

The program typically lasts approximately 6 months, so you will have ample time to make sure the student and their skills and knowledge fit your organization.

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