TäsmäKoulutus Aims at Preventing Lay-offs

TäsmäKoulutus is a training program tailored for your organization’s current employees in the case of operational or technological changes. It helps you elevate your employees’ skills to the level of the new requirements.

Did you know that your company can use TäsmäKoulutus and MuutosKoulutus, subsidized by the ELY Centre, also in temporary lay-off situations?

You can also offer TäsmäKoulutus to your employees during or in lieu of a temporary lay-off.

TäsmäKoulutus is offered primarily to small and medium-sized companies, but it’s also suitable to the public sector – the state, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, and parishes.

  • TäsmäKoulutus is a joint procurement training program financed partially by the ELY Centre.
  • Training is arranged jointly with the employment and the economy administration.
  • The employment and the economy administration pay a significant share of the program’s expenses. The company’s share is 30–50%.

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