Workforce Adjustments

Adjustment situations underline the importance of employer responsibility. They impact the entire organization, and a well-planned Change Security scheme helps dismissed employees to find new employment as quickly as possible. When the change is handled smoothly, both the dismissed employees and the organization find it easier to look ahead. Downsizing does not only impact the employees leaving the organization but also supervisors, HR management, union representatives, and the remaining staff, who also need support in the situation. Lay-offs affect the entire workplace, and it is critical for both those leaving and those remaining to handle it humanly and in an appropriate manner.

Change Security for Laid-off Employees

A responsible company prepares for Change Security related issues together with union representatives and makes a plan even before any co-operation negotiations likely to result in staff cuts are under planning.

Instead of monetary compensation, employers may support laid-off employees by providing them with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through training and to even change their career in another profession. By offering coaching services, companies can support dismissed employees in finding new job opportunities.

Competence Development During Furlough

Companies can provide training for their employees also during furlough. Both the temporarily laid-off employee and the employer benefit from well-timed training that takes place during the period away from daily work.

Companies can get subsidies from the ELY Centre if they offer training for their furloughed employees. One option is to utilize the TäsmäKoulutus or MuutosKoulutus option. These training programs are developed and delivered jointly with the local employment and the economy administration, which also covers part of the training expenses. To arrange such training, you can contact Aalto PRO and we will help you with the contacts to ELY Centre and TE Office.

Urapalvelut - Extensive Re-employment Support for Laid-off Employees

Aalto PRO’s comprehensive service solutions are focused on laid-off employees and providing the best possible support for their rapid re-employment.

Together with the customer, we design a service solution that fits the specific situation. It combines personal coaching that supports re-employment, job search training, and competence development. With our personalized solutions, laid-off employees can make career transitions and acquire completely new skills. Our career coaches help and support them in clarifying goals, making career plans, and finding the best career options. We also provide support for supervisors and HR in handling the change situation.

The solution is tailored around the following services:

Job search training - Find a new career

Refining the dismissed employee’s competence profile, verbalizing and marketing their skills and knowledge, active job search

Personal career coaching

Focus on dismissed employee’s own strengths, opportunity for a new career path and a new future

MuutosKoulutus (Change Training)

Change training helps the laid-off employee to update and renew their skills and find new employment

Support for Supervisors and HR to Implement the Change Security Scheme

We provide support for the company and the supervisors so that laid-off employees can always be treated with respect. In adjustment situations, supervisors are faced with individual circumstances, and the support they receive is important for both the laid-off and remaining employees and for the employer image.

Planning for change situations

Planning for downsizing and change situations, coordinating services, and project management

Support for supervisors

Coaching that helps supervisors handle the lay-off situation and lead the discussion with dismissed employees

Communication plan

Communication plan for co-operation negotiations

Aalto PRO's Experience

Aalto PRO has arranged professional training programs and leadership development programs for laid-off employees since 2011. Nokia Bridge and Microsoft’s Polku programs are examples of change training programs in which Aalto PRO has been a service provider.

Aalto PRO is a change training service contractor for the Uusimaa ELY Centre. Change training can be provided as group training for laid-off employees, including a short, exploratory career guidance component and professional training modules selected from our extensive and varied program portfolio.

The training schedule and content is arranged jointly with the customer and the Uusimaa ELY Centre.

What Does the Change Security Legislation Mean for Those Employers Who Are Bound by It?

The objective of the Change Security legislation is to speed up dismissed employees’ re-employment and provide them with more security in the change situation.

The purpose of the Change Security legislation, which came into force in January 2017 in Finland, is to uphold the right of laid-off employees to receive coaching or training that promotes employment. The Change Security scheme strives at improving the position of employees that are dismissed due to financial, production-related, or organizational grounds and promoting their rapid re-employment.

Implementing Change Security requires active cooperation between employers, employees, union representatives, and employment authorities. It’s the only way to achieve the objective set for the Change Security scheme: to speed up re-employment and to increase security during the change situation in practice.

The Change Security legislation applies to employers with more than 30 employees and to employees who have been employed by the same organization for a minimum of five consecutive years. In practice this means that to implement the Change Security scheme, the company must offer a sum that on average equals to approximately one month’s salary.

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